Emergency Accessories

Save a live
Find a lost person
Identify an object

Order 2 highly resistent
SOS SCAN QR code stickers

To fix on clothing, helmet or an object of your choice: unlimited choice for use!

Make your emergency data available in case of a urgent need:
Organ donation, allergies, name and contacts.

CHF 3.-


QR codes stickers

Adjustable bracelet

Keep your emergency data to your wrist
thanks to the engraved SOS QR code.

Bracelet: CHF 35.-


Emergency card

Emergency card

Your emergency data in credit card format

Emergency card: CHF 5.-


How does it work?

  1. Subscribe to Ma Mémoire Médicale.
  2. Log in and fill in your emergency data.
  3. Order 2 QR codes through the menu Accessories.
  4. Ma Mémoire Médicale is responsible for creating the QR codes, for printing and sending them to you as soon as possible. 1
  5. Fix the stickers on clothing, helmet or an object of your choice. You can also distribute the same stickers to members of a group (eg. indicating the responsible of a group, in case of a loss of a child).
  1. The sending of accessories is only possible to Switzerland and Austria.

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